Non-Slip Carpet Stair Tread Landing Rug


Family Safety Assured

  • Elevate your home's safety with our Anti-Slip Carpet Stair Landing Mats. Our mats feature a powerful anti-skid bottom, ensuring worry-free, secure stair journeys for your family and pets.

Premium Tri-Layer Design

  • Crafted for durability and comfort, our non-slip stair landing mats boast a three-layer construction. A wear-resistant polypropylene surface, a soft nonwoven cloth buffer layer, and a dependable TPU non-skid bottom come together seamlessly for stability, comfort, and silence with each step.

Universal Fit

  • Sized at 30" x 30", our mats are designed to effortlessly fit most indoor landings and hallways, catering to the needs of diverse households.

Effortless Installation & Maintenance

  • Say goodbye to the hassle of installation with easy-to-remove clear backing. These mats are stain-resistant, and when it's time for a clean, toss them in the washing machine or vacuum off dust. Your anti-slip rug treads will quickly regain their original charm.

Protective & Residue-Free

  • MBIGM is committed to enhancing your daily safety. Our anti-slip stair landing mats safeguard your stairwell without causing any damage. No glue or permanent adhesive is used in the non-moving bottom, leaving zero residue when you decide to remove them from your stairs. Enjoy peace of mind and secure footing with MBIGM!