Non-Slip Rubber Stair Treads


Enhanced Safety and Traction

  • Our rubber-backed stair treads provide superior non-slip functionality, ensuring a secure grip with every step, making them ideal for families with pets or individuals seeking increased safety on stairs.

Versatile Application

  • Designed for a variety of surfaces, including wooden steps and carpeted stairs, these stair treads offer a universal solution for different staircase types, making them suitable for both indoor and basement use.

Durable Protection

  • The rubber backing not only prevents slipping but also acts as a protective layer for your stairs, shielding them from wear and tear caused by daily foot traffic. This ensures the longevity of both the stair treads and the underlying staircase.

Stylish and Functional Design

  • Our rubber-backed stair treads combine practicality with aesthetics, featuring a sleek design that seamlessly integrates with your staircase. The black stair treads not only provide an elegant look but also complement various interior styles.

Pet-Friendly Features

  • Specially designed to cater to pet owners, these stair treads come equipped with stair grips for dogs, offering additional stability for your furry friends as they navigate the stairs. The rubber backing also minimizes the impact of claws, contributing to a pet-friendly home environment.